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Episode 8 – Vincent Plagnol and Joanne Cole

In which Geneticist Vincent Plagnol wonders out loud what on earth a Higgs Boson is and why do physicists need to keep on doing experiments now they’ve found it, and Particle Physicist Jo Cole is more than happy to tell him. Alice Bell helms (and provides jaffa cakes).


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Episode 5 – Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen asks Shiloh Fetzek about climate change and Greenland

“How was Miss Smilla’s Sense of Snow influenced by the political effects of climate change in Greenland?” I hear you ask. Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen is asking that question too and it’s up to Shiloh Fetzek to shout answers from the footplate of the speeding Brain Train, hosted by Martin Zaltz Austwick.


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The Brain Train is Launching!

We should have called the podcast “Brain Spaceship” but it does not rhyme. Trains don’t launch, they pull slowly away from the station, full of pomp and ceremony. And that’s what’s happening! Welcome to Brain Train podcast, brought to you by the Alice Bell/Martin Zaltz Austwick team you know represents highest quality good listening.

Every episode on Brain Train we’ll have a very bright person asking all sorts of questions about something they know nothing about, but are super curious about. Who will they be asking? Well, we’ll be bringing in an expert to answer all their questions.

So, in the pilot episode, science and media expert Alice Bell wanted to know all about sewers, so we got in Water Systems Engineer Sarah Bell; and these were the results:

The next week, we get the expert to become the novice and ask about a subject they know nothing about but are really interested in. Sarah Bell (our expert in the first week) wanted to know about autism and whether it’s more likely to affect engineers, and autism researcher Johanna Finneman kindly volunteered to answer all her questions; so in week 2, Sarah was the novice and Johanna stepped up to the plate* as our new expert:

Next time Johanna will have a load of questions about something completely different –  and the Brain Train will continue. What will be the next stop? Nobody knows on the crazy ride of The Brain Train!

*the footplate for the Brain Train driving place