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Episode 11 – Alexandra Lamont asks Jonathan Williams about setting standards

This episode Alexandra Lamont asks NPL standards expert Jonathan Williams “where are you going with that massive silicon ball?” and other pressing questions about kilograms, seconds, mols and candelas. Martin Zaltz Austwick is this week’s biscuit sourcer and audio sourcerer.



Episode 10 – Emily Dawson probes the brain of Alexandra Lamont

Sociologist Emily Dawson asks Music Psychologist Alexandra Lamont why Bourdieu, Jolene and Natalie Merchant make her cry. Extra long episode of Brain Train this time, as host and editor Martin Zaltz Austwick could not bring himself to cut out any more fascinating music chat. Saucer of biscuits Alice Bell was otherwise engaged, Brain Train went hungry.

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Episode 5 – Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen asks Shiloh Fetzek about climate change and Greenland

“How was Miss Smilla’s Sense of Snow influenced by the political effects of climate change in Greenland?” I hear you ask. Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen is asking that question too and it’s up to Shiloh Fetzek to shout answers from the footplate of the speeding Brain Train, hosted by Martin Zaltz Austwick.