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Because no-one's an expert at everything

About Us

Brain Train is a podcast hosted by Rachel Souhami and Martin Zaltz Austwick; it was created by Alice Bell and Martin Zaltz Austwick. The name came from Beck Smith, via the (singing) voices in her head.


Rachel Souhami is a museums academic, exhibition consultant and museum-themed cabaret producer. She can tile a roof and make a dress, though not at the same time.  She tweets as @RachelSouhami.

Martin Zaltz Austwick is a social physicist at UCL-CASA. If you want a guitar-folk song about Boris Bikes, he’s your man. His twittername is @sociablephysics.

Brain Train podcast is supported by prize money from I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here! donated by the Institute of Physics. Thanks to all the universities and institutions involved for letting us use their experts and to Steve Cross of UCL Public Engagement for gear, advice and help with the podcast.

Thanks also to Karen Bultitude and Simon Lock of UCL-STS.

Views expressed on Brain Train are individuals’ and not those of employers, universities, funding bodies, relatives, friends or other affiliated organisations or persons.



6 thoughts on “About Us

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  4. Great idea: should work nicely for my bike ride home.

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  6. Found your podcast on the iTunes shop – love it: great discussions and perfect length for my jogs 🙂 if you need a marketing angle give me a shout!

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