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Episode 6 – Shiloh Fetzek wants to know all about castles, Jeremy Ashbee can help

Today the Brain Train takes a detour through Wales, admiring its palaces, fortifications and English occupiers. Jeremy Ashbee is King of Castles and Shiloh Fetzek is the dirty rascal. Hosted by Alice Bell, who manages not to bring “castle toilets” into the discussion.


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Episode 5 – Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen asks Shiloh Fetzek about climate change and Greenland

“How was Miss Smilla’s Sense of Snow influenced by the political effects of climate change in Greenland?” I hear you ask. Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen is asking that question too and it’s up to Shiloh Fetzek to shout answers from the footplate of the speeding Brain Train, hosted by Martin Zaltz Austwick.